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Each collectable card is printed on heavy matt card paper suitable for framing. Card design: 5" x 7" portrait layout. Only 1-stamp needed. Blank inside, story backside + white envelope. Can be custom personalized printed inside and or backside with your name, greeting, business info, Holiday greeting, etc. Details on Notecard page.

Main Street on Parade - 1900

  • Gardnerville got its start in 1879, when Lawrence Gilman purchased the Kent House and had it moved from its location south of Genoa, NV to a seven-acre parcel of land on the east fork of the Carson River. There, near the site of what is today the J.T. Basque Bar and Dining Room, the building was converted to a hotel. A blacksmith shop and saloon were added. The hotel was the center of the hay- and grain-producing community that became Gardnerville, named for Gilman’s friend John Gardner.

    This outdoor scene depicting Main Street Gardnerville’s historic building frontages in a summer street event setting was inspired by Main Street Gardnerville’s Director Jen Naldor as she shared with the artist a vison of the past history for this piece of artwork and the Main Street Gardnerville’s Vision Statement: Experience the Past, Enrich the Present, Embrace the Future.

    “During my research for this project I was surprised to learn that the 1900 town of Gardnerville had a huge Cottonwood tree in front of the Rahbeck Hotel (current day J.T.’s), so I thought it important to the historical interest of the design to include it. Next, I was fortunate to locate photos of the Gardnerville Cornet Band (1897), and Rahbeck Hotel (1899) in a book titled, ‘Looking Back’, that Jen Naldor loaned me. Nearly impossible to find, I was fortunate to locate a blurry image of a float (by Kane Photography) titled, ‘Goddess of Liberty, Gardnerville, NV 1910’, decorated in buntings and flags carrying a number of women in white dresses. I had the elements, my vision of the past was coming alive, and I was now able to start the sketching process.” - Artist, La Vonne LaTulip Vasick

    "So far as I can see, a procession has value in but two ways -- as a show and as a symbol, its minor function being to delight the eye, its major one to compel thought, exalt the spirit, stir the heart, and inflame the imagination." - Mark Twain

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