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Each collectable card is printed on heavy matt card paper suitable for framing. Card design: 5.25" x 8" portrait layout. Only 1-stamp needed. Blank inside, story backside + white envelope. Can be custom personalized printed inside and or backside with your name, greeting, business info, Holiday greeting, etc. Details on Notecard page.


  • Nevada is home to most of the nation's wild horses and burros and they deserve respect and the right to exist as they are one of the many truly awesome things about Nevada. Early explorer's journal indicate horses were found in Northern Nevada in the 1820's. Peter Ogden's 1828 journal talks of discovering and horses apparently abandoned by Indians. In several areas of Nevada, ranchers turned loose many breeds including Shires, Percherons, Hambletonian, Morganas and Irish stallions and mares to set a standards and patterns in the herds that roamed nearby. As the Calvary, ranchers or miners demanded horses, man were trapped and trained for the purposes of man. Burros were first brought to the 'New World' by early Spanish explorers and were used by prospectors and sheep herders.

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