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When I was growing up in the Midwest, the only girl in the middle of six brothers, my mother saw a creative spark in me and kept me out of trouble by providing a variety of art supplies for those occasions when I needed a “time out.” Even when I wasn’t in trouble, I often choose to be creative with paints and various crafts. I continued my creative path and studied Graphic Communication at Platt College in San Diego, which put me on the road to professional marketing.


Enjoying nature, I moved my young family to live near Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Over the years I've explored and grew to love this vast, rugged area and its historic significance, which continues to influence my work.


I live with my husband, David, over the ridge from Lake Tahoe, nestled beneath the towering Sierra Nevada Mountains. In my home studio, in the Carson Valley, I gather inspiration from memories and photos taken of the world around me and create original paintings.


I then have my local professional graphics group produce high quality, limited-edition fine art giclée prints, exhibition-quality canvas and note cards of my designs. My medium is watercolor and consider this talent as a gift from God; the unique impressionist watercolor style of depicting the Sierra Nevada lifestyle, landscapes, flora and wildlife. 

Thank you for sharing the art!

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